The old saying “Never look a gift Horse in the mouth” certainly wouldn’t apply if you have to fork out every month for expensive dental repairs!

Quite a lot of our competitors are offering low cost installations but you are then tied into long term contracts as a result with of course a hefty monthly fee which is a very costly option over time.

Let’s look at our offer in simple terms & the key differences in our system & mainstream competitors

  • You build the system you need
  • You choose self-monitoring (via App) or 24 Central station monitoring
  • You buy the system
  • You own the system
  • You DON’T pay hefty monthly or annual fees
  • Our monitoring fees start from just 19 cents per day!
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Intruder Alarms

Getting an alarm installed ensures that if an intruder tries to break in an alarm sounds. But this doesn’t mean that anything else happens. This is the reason for ‘Alarm Monitoring’.
For peace of mind, a quick response to an alarm activation is vital in ensuring the security of your home or business.
Cell offers you a professional 24 hr a day, 365 days a year service in Alarm Monitoring.

If you avail of our monitoring service, your alarm is monitored from our central station and if an alarm activates the nominated keyholders are contacted and if necessary the Police and/or emergency services.

CCTV Systems

Giving you clear eyes in the back of your head – day or night… Apart from providing you with the power to see what’s happening in a location, CCTV has also been proven to be a powerful crime preventer.
The technology in this area is developing all of the time and we provide a broad range of products ranging from basic home kits to high-end technology retail systems.  Our products provide the best possible images at the most competitive prices.


Fire Alarms

Our systems are Analogue, Addressable and Wireless types. All alarms are covered under a service & maintenance contract and 24 hour monitoring is done by a central station

Access Control

Cell offers a comprehensive range of systems to suit your needs.  This can be from a single door to large PC based networked systems.  Our goal is to help you prevent unauthorized entry while giving secure and speedy access to employees and visitors.  Other features include time and attendance, remote site dial up and fire alarm override.
Gate & Barrier automation, Proximity Readers, Biometric and Intercom Systems can all be added to your system if required.
For further information please contact us.

Annual Maintenance

To ensure that all of our installed systems are operating at their best and most secure, we offer an unrivalled after sales service. As part of this we offer our customers standard and comprehensive maintenance agreements on all our systems. This includes our 24-hour response call out facility with fully trained staff, and technical support available via phone and remote access. This service has proved very good value for money to our clients and can be walked through in more detail with you. For further information please contact us.